How to blend data in Google Data studio

What is blending Data?

Blending data is a process, where you blend two or more connectors in a single page and create a new table or a chart combining both the data sources. You can also add calculated metrics, by calculating 2 or more different metrics from the tables and derive a value out of it.

How to Blend Data?

Note: Do authorise and connect to the data connectors before blending the data.
Blending data is a simple 2 Step process.

1. Select and drag the tables or charts to be blended and right click on it, where a menu bar would open

2. In the menu bar, Click on Blend data. Once you click it, a table or a chart would be created consisting of all the metrics available on both the tables or charts.

Advantages of Blending Data

Blending different data sources in a single sheet can 

  1. Save tons of time
  2. Make the dashboard intuitive and informative
  3. Combine multiple data source in a single table or chart

I hope this article educated you on blending data, feel free to post your queries in the comment section below.


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