I see no data in my Google Data Studio reports

What to do when your charts display “no data”. Here’s how to solve it.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

  • The time range of the report, in fact, has no data to retrieve.
  • You connected the wrong account.
  • The app API returns an error.

To check the first potential reason, just change the date range to a longer one or in the past. That’s how you can verify if, at least, you connected the right account.

Sometimes, you may have stopped running ads or publishing on social media. so there’s no data for that date range to report.

If the data doesn’t return an expected value, you may have connected the wrong account. To re-connect your data, please follow this guide: How to connect your data to Data Studio.

If you’re sure you connected the right account and still no data returns, chances are the app is returning an error. In that case, we encourage you to wait some minutes and constantly refresh your reports.

We have experienced random errors where data stops displaying and then goes back to normal. APIs may have these glitches.

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