Usage Limit Exceeded – Google Data Studio

Usage limit exceeded

Incurred with an error message like this? This article will definitely help to resolve this issue. This might have occurred due to two reasons, the below listed reasons might be one of them you’re getting this error message

Usage limit exceeded. This could happen if you have excess Data Sources / Accounts / Users in your team

Logged in with incorrect Google email

  • You can access TMR connectors only from the registered email address linked with your TMR account
  • If you are using multiple Google profiles in your browser, Google might have wrongly detected an incorrect Gmail account
Check your Account linked with TMR is logged in here
  • Log out from all the other accounts and log in through the Google account which is registered with your TMR account with an active Plan
  • You can check your plan details at

You have exceeded your plan limits

  • Your usage might have exceeded the Data Sources/Accounts/Users limits for your team 
  • You can check your account’s usage & limits by logging into TMR Account through > TMR for Google Data Studio > Usage

Step 1 – Log into your Account

Step 2 – Select Two Minute Reports for Google Data Studio

Step 3 – Select Usage

  • If it seems that the Usage has exceeded the limit, no need to worry, we suggest, you can remove the Unwanted Usage and then add the connector which you are intending to use
  • Excess Accounts used can be deleted by clicking on the Accounts Usage column section shown in the Previous image
  • If your usage has been exceeded because of excess Account Users , you can remove them by going to the Team details section under the Manage menu
  • You can also upgrade your account to increase the limits or increase the Add on to your existing account.

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