How to Use TMR

A quick refresh about Two Minute Reports(TMR). TMR helps you to

  1. Pull metrics and dimensions from external sources like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, MySQL, etc or any API
  2. Design your dashboard / report in Google Sheets
  3. Keep your reports fresh with up-to-date data 
  4. Email Automated Reports/PDF/Excel files

Let me show you the basic blocks of TMR. 

There are 3 main sections in TMR, that you can use to create your Report or Dashboard. You can find them by clicking the hamburger menu in the TMR sidebar.

  1. ? Data Sources
    • This is where you will connect your data from Facebook Ads, MySQL, Google Search Console, etc. with Two-Minute-Reports
    • You can add as many data sources that you’d want or remove old ones from your account, in this section
  2. ? Data Queries
    • This is where you’d define which data to pull from your data source and save it into Google Sheets.
    • You can customize the date range, metrics, dimensions, etc for your data in this section.
    • You can create multiple queries and fetch as much data as possible into Google Sheets
  3. Schedule Reports
    • You may want to automatically update your data and send automatic reports to your audience. You can do that in this section.
    • You can schedule Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly based on your needs
    • Once a schedule is created, all the data queries in that spreadsheet will be refreshed at the selected time
    • You can just schedule data refreshes or send entire spreadsheets as an Email report, with or without PDF/Excel attachments based on your needs

Additionally to help recreate new reports from your existing ones we have a new section called, My Reports

  1. ? My Reports
    • After creating a report, you can duplicate and create new derivatives out of it
    • You can retain the data formatting, queries used to create the report
    • This can be useful when you have created a report for Client A and want to duplicate a similar report for another Client B.
    • With just a few clicks you can recreate a completely new report in seconds.
    • Read more about duplicating reports with My Reports

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