Go Ads – Contextual ADs platform using AI

You can realize your Business Goals through our Ads Platform (Go Ads) powered by Artificial Intelligence. This helps our Ads platform (Go Ads) to discover and broadcast the right Ads to Users.   Because of our unique approach to application of Artificial Intelligence our customers enjoy great benefits.

  • Superior User experience – Our Ads are 10 times more relevant than the competition
  • Application in scale – Our Inventory is 10 times more than the competition

We discover unique contextual situations and trigger new unknown opportunities for Advertisers through creative application of Artificial Intelligence.

I want to monetize my website/platform

Publish our Ads in your content platform.

Contextual Ads your Audience will like and click on Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms look at your media to understand high dimensional contexts and user interests

This helps satisfy unique and relevant Ad opportunities not possible with the traditional approach

Watch : Contextual Ads on the Go using AI

I am an advertiser or media buyer

Get 1000s of Targeting options and narrow down to high value opportunities.

Showcase your products and services to audience who are in the right mood to accept you.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms detect implicit high dimensional interests and matches your products and services.

Our APIs talk to your products and services inventory and automatically create Ads based on your policy Get your Ads into our platform and reach new target Audience.

Convert new sales and unique branding opportunities.

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