50+ Free Google Sheets Templates Every Marketing Agency Needs in 2024

By Two Minute Reports - February 23, 2024

Are you on the lookout for the perfect way to whip up instant reports and dashboards? Look no further! We've meticulously designed over 50+ Google Sheets templates, including Google Sheets dashboard templates and Google Sheets report templates, specifically for marketers like you. The best part? You don't need any coding skills to use them. Whether you're aiming to generate reports or dashboards for Mobile, Database, Advertising (PPC), Web Analytics, SEO, E-Commerce, Social Media, Email, Customer Relationship Management, or other sources, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to proprietary tools; our templates are fully operational within Google Sheets, ensuring everything you need stays right where you want it. Dive into our collection and start creating with ease today!

Popular Templates

Ready to elevate your reporting game? Our collection of Google Sheets templates, including versatile Google Sheets dashboard templates and comprehensive Google Sheets report templates, is here to streamline your workflow. No coding required, just pure efficiency at your fingertips. Designed with marketers in mind, these templates cater to a wide range of needs, from Mobile to SEO, and E-Commerce to Customer Relationship Management. Explore the possibilities and discover the ease of creating professional reports and dashboards directly in Google Sheets. Start harnessing the power of your data today, and let our templates be the catalyst for your success.


How do I get more templates for Google Sheets?

To find more Google Sheets templates, you can explore the Google Sheets template gallery, visit websites that specialize in creating Google Sheets templates, or search for templates shared by the online community on forums and social media platforms dedicated to productivity tools and data management. Many creators and professionals share their templates for free or sell custom designs. You can also check out our wide range of templates for your needs.

How do I create a Google sheet template?

To create a Google Sheet template, first, open Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet. Customize it as per your requirements by adding formulas, charts, and formatting. Once you're satisfied, click on "File" > "Save as template" to save your spreadsheet as a template. You can then access and use this template for future projects directly from Google Sheets under the 'Template gallery'.

Does Google Sheets have free templates?

Yes, Google Sheets offers a variety of free templates for different purposes, including budgets, schedules, project management, and more. These templates are designed to help users get started quickly on their tasks without having to set up their spreadsheets from scratch. Users can easily find and use these templates directly within the Google Sheets interface under the "Template Gallery" section.

How do I create a KPI dashboard in Google Sheets?

To create a KPI dashboard in Google Sheets, start by gathering all your relevant data in one place. Use the "Insert" menu to add charts or graphs that represent your key performance indicators (KPIs) visually. Customize these visual representations by selecting the specific data range for each chart. Finally, use conditional formatting to highlight trends, set benchmarks, and track progress towards your goals directly within your dashboard. This approach allows you to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions effectively.