TMR: Google Ads PPC Report(Monthly)

By Two Minute Reports - December 22, 2021
Advertising (PPC)


Google Ads
For use with Google Sheets
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License Type : Free with Two Minute Reports

About the Template

This Template provides a detailed comparison of metrics including Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPA, Cost, Conversions, and Conversion Rate between two months. It also enhances the user experience by dynamically changing charts, facilitating easy comparison of various metrics.


1. Month on month % change (select metrics): This section includes a dropdown box that allows users to compare different metrics. It also features a dynamic chart for the current month's data.

2. Top 10 Keywords: This section presents the top 10 keywords, sorted based on clicks.

3. Device stats based on clicks: This section displays the total number of clicks made through different devices.

4. Device stats based on conversion rates: This section showcases the conversion rates from different devices.

5. Monthly performance: This section provides an overview of the monthly performance analysis for the last three months.

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