Youtube Insights - Channel and Audience Analysis

By Two Minute Reports - October 16, 2023
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YouTube Analytics
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About the Template

Have a look at our Youtube Insights Template specially focused on Channel and Audience Analysis. This report primarily focuses on how your channel has been performing for the past date range which you have selected. You get the vital KPIs like Channel subscribers, videos, views, Subscribes gained and lost as scorecards with previous date range comparison. You also get the above KPIs as timeline charts to see the cumulative performance of the same. Up next, you get to see the country/region of people viewing your channel. Next comes the demographics like the Operating system of users, device platform, Age and Gender as Pie chart depictions. You also get a table which gives you insights on your Youtube account as channel insights like Channel images, URL, Country, description and views. Finally you have a combination of scorecards and timeline charts for Likes vs Dislikes, Shares and Comments with its previous date period. Click on preview template to start using the Template right now.

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