WooCommerce - Regional Sales Report

By Two Minute Reports - August 17, 2023


For use with Looker Studio
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About the Template

This is a, one of a kind WooCommerce - Regional sales Report for Looker Studio. This Report can be used by Marketing agencies, marketing individuals as well as Individual WooCommerce store owners. In this Report you can get an overall picture of your inventory, Products, sales, orders, refunds of different Regions. These insights are portrayed using scorecards which gives you the whole value of that particular date range like Orders, Items sold etc... with a comparison range too. Next, you have Time series graphical charts, to check your growth and success of your metrics like Total sales, net sales, etc.. This can also be achieved with a comparison of your previous date range. You also get tabular charts with heat maps for easier indication of values. At first, we have a customer insights table which consists of Customer name, email, product name etc.. Next, you have Product category Insights table and a Refund Insights table which fetches you the needed metrics to analyse your growth. we also provide Geographical charts to compare your Orders by Country and State. Finally you have a table to infer your individual Product's Performance, with all its KPIs with suitable Heatmaps. All of the above tables have specific dropdown filters, to filter each table separately.

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