LinkedIn Leads Campaign Funnel & Engagement Report

By Two Minute Reports - February 26, 2023
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Linkedin Ads
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About the Template

Take a look at our Quarterly Business review (QBR) Report Specially for LinkedIn Ads. This is a 1 page Report which consists of all valuable insights like Performance Funnels, Geo chart and Demographic charts. To start off, you get the number of campaigns run/running for you, and the investment spent for the campaigns. Next, you can have an overview of your campaign based on its locations via Geo chart. Next comes the Performance Funnel, which Funnels out all the key metrics like: CPC, CTR, Impressions, Leads, Lead from opens, Impressions, Reach etc.. You also get to view the Top creative performed for the quarter based on CTR. Finally, you get the Demographic section which consists of charts like, Job title with most clicks, Seniority with most clicks, Company size, Top companies etc... All of this, can be changed to any quarter you wish, by just changing the date range in the top section of the Report. Click on preview and use it as your QBR Report rite now!

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