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As Supermetrics, Two Minute Reports is an all-in-one solution to get your data to Google Sheets. It is feature rich and provides a much better user experience and design.

Supermetrics Vs Two Minute Reports

Fair Pricing🏷️

We believe in pricing💓 fairly for the actual value delivered. We don't charge unreasonable prices to fullfil our fancy dreams.

Cost for Starter Plan115$ / month5$ / month
Cost for Daily Refresh233$ / month5$ / month
Unlimited Accounts per Data Source✔️
Refresh data Hourly✔️
Access All Data Sources in All Plans✔️
Securely Invite External Users✔️
Unlimited Plan✔️
Secure queries within your Team✔️

Friendly Design🤗

Two Minute Reports is carefully crafted to be remarkably easy to produce professional-quality reports📊. The streamlined design, intuitive interface, and outstanding user experience will have you churning out high-quality reports in no time.

Collaborate as a Team👥

Two Minute Reports empowers managers, executives, and teams to be informed, collaborative, and strategic. With Two Minute Reports you can share reports with your entire company via the web or email. Customize each report for the right audience with templates and permissions management.

Share Data Sources within Team Members

Invite Experts from outside your organisation

Control permissions of your individual Team Members

Convert and publish frequently needed reports as Templates

1 Click report creation from previous reports

Manage and share multiple Data Source accounts

Create and send inline Email Reports

Join the move🔥

Every week, many Supermetrics users switch to Two Minute Reports! Join them and never worry about your bills and data quality again.

Very happy Overall

" Switching from Supermetrics to Two Minute Reports was a breeze. I'v been using Two Minute Reports

for over 3 months now and very happy with the experience. I used to be a long term user of Supermetrics,

was easily able to move all my reports to TMR and completely replace Supermetrics "

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