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Per User

Only Google Analytics, MySQL

1 Data Source

1 Account per Data Source

1 Scheduler

Weekly, Monthly Scheduling





Per User

No Credit Card required

Access all Data Sources

2 Data Sources

2 Accounts per Data Source

5 Schedulers

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Scheduling





Per User

No Credit Card required

Access all Data Sources

10 Data Sources

10 Accounts per Data Source

15 Schedulers

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Scheduling





Per User

No Credit Card required

Access all Data Sources

Unlimited Data Sources

Unlimited Accounts per Data Source

Unlimited Schedulers

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Two Minute Reports (TMR) work?

Two Minute Reports (TMR) works as a Reporting Software inside of your Google Sheets. We fetch and format the data before sending them to your Google Sheets. TMR contains tools to help you create, automate, send and manage reports from multiple Data Sources

What is a Data Source?

Examples of Data Sources are MySQL, Facebook Ads, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.

What does "Access to all Data Source" mean?

You can use all the available Data Sources on offer from TMR and pull data into Google Sheets

How are the Data Source limits enforced?

After you add the maximum number of Data Sources allowed in a plan, you will not be able to add additional Data Sources. You can however, remove previous Data Sources to free up your quota add new ones.

What is "Accounts per Data Source"?

In some Data Sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics a single Data Source can hold more than one Account data. Eg. In Facebook Ads Data Source, a single Ad Manager can hold many Ad Accounts. The number of accounts in a particular Data Source is called "Accounts per Data Source"

How are the "Accounts per Data Source" limits enforced?

Plans with restrictions on "Accounts per Data Source" will restrict pulling data from new Accounts once the account limit is reached. You can free up your quota by releasing Accounts to get data from new Accounts

Will there be a price increase in future?

We will not increase the price for existing users. We are thankful to the early users for supporting us and motivating us during the tough early days of Two Minute Reports. As months roll, we will increase the price for new users then, however we committed to suppporting Small and Medium business with really affordable plan and pricing.

What if I am not fully satisfied with TMR?

You can cancel anytime during your subscription period. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your purchase we will refund your amount prompty.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime and avail the higher tier benefits immediately

Can I downgrade my plan later?

Yes, you can downgrade your plan anytime.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

After cancellation, you won't be charged from your next billing cycle. Your data will be retained so that you can continue to use TMR if you change your mind. You can also delete your data completely anytime you prefer.

How Long is the Free Trial period?

14 Calendar Days

What happens after the Free Trial?

After the free trial period, your plan will be changed to the Free Limited Plan. You can contiue to stay in the plan by paying the plan fee if you choose to.

Do I need a Google account?

Yes, you can use any Google account. TMR works with Gmail or Workspace/GSuite Emails

Will I get a Username and Password?

No, once your plan is active you will be automaticaly authenticated through the account you use in Google Sheets

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