Are you a dreamer?

We build tools for dreamers who want more from their life.

Life is not about just working hard.


We create products for other creators and dreamers. We enable you work better with a great peace of mind. Just as how an artist knows which brush to choose for her drawing, using the right software tool is very important.

We build products on these 4 fundamental principles

  • Be very very Easy to Use
  • Save great amount of Time
  • Make it smart using AI
  • Price very low to support everyone


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Hello, I’am the MBA Software Engineer.

It All came Down. I always worked hard in my life.

Though it produced little “success” that I was looking for, I felt BURNTOUT with no time for my dear ones and favourite activities. That day – I tore down all that I was, decided to start from scratch.

I realised like the many wiser folks out there, life is not about just working harder. I started rethinking the process I used to achieve my goals.

This meant 1. Redefining how I wanted to live, 2. What I liked to work on, 3. How I wanted to set my lifestyle.

After the reset, as an MBA software engineer – I soon realised the TOOLS I used needed to change to support the new journey.

Existing tools were poorly designed and were not meant for an entrepreneur. We need tools that are – simple to use, works on our behalf without any intervention and gradually improves the business. I started creating products that would help myself and similar others who felt the same pain, under the GoX brand

– Paul, founder GoX