Save tons of time with Data Analytics & Automation.

Cloud Software to get data from different APIs/sources and create reports in no time.

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Authenticate & connect to your external APIs/sources.

Create Reports

Convert data into "Ad Performance", "SEO", "Social Media" reports with beautiful Charts and Graphs


Duplicate existing reports, setup scheduling rules and run your reports on Auto-Pilot

Bring your data together

Consolidate your Marketing/Product data from different sources into a Report or Dashboard in minutes. Eliminate hours of manual work

Introducing, Two Minute Reports !

Two Minute Reports (TMR) is a Cloud Reporting Software that works inside Google

Google Sheets or Looker Studio to help you create, automate, and manage reports.

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Mark Lennox

Head of Growth at Relevant Digital, Melbourne

CEO at KPI Media, Singapore

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CEO at KPI Media, Singapore