Linkedin Ads Leads campaign Funnel and engagement Report

By Two Minute Reports - March 7, 2023
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About the Template

Check out our Leads Campaign and engagement Report for LinkedIn Ads in Google Sheets! Firstly, you will receive Basic Campaign insights such as the Number of Campaigns, Amount Spent on the campaign, and its objective. Following this, you will find the Campaign Performance Funnel which provides insights in 3 phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Lead generation. This includes KPIs such as Reach, Impressions, CTR, Leads, Lead form opens, CPC, and Cost per conversion, among others. Next, you will find a geo chart that analyzes the countries where your campaign is performing. This is followed by details of the Best performing Creative in the current period. Lastly, you will find the Engagement Demographics with respect to clicks for Job Title, Job Function, Company Name, Company Size, and Job Seniority. Click on the 'use template' button to gain a better understanding of the Report.

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