Amazon Ads Performance Report

By Two Minute Reports - June 9, 2023
Advertising (PPC)


Amazon Ads
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About the Template

Obtain all of your performance indicators for Amazon Ads in a single report, titled the 'Amazon Ads Performance Report.' This report primarily includes scorecard charts for key performance indicators such as clicks, amount spent, impressions, and CPC. Following these scorecard charts are graphical charts displaying impressions, amount spent, and clicks for a one-month duration. Additionally, there is a comparison graph showing CPC versus CTR over time, as well as a geographic chart indicating the regions with the highest number of impressions. Subsequently, you will find the Campaign Sales and Order Insights table, which provides total sales and sales/orders for 1, 7, 14, and 30 days within the specified date range. Finally, there is a table for measuring the campaign's KPI performance, focusing on impressions, clicks, and amount spent. In terms of individual campaigns, the report also includes a ChatGPT-powered analysis highlighting the top 2 performing campaigns overall, as an additional bonus.

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