Facebook Insights - Post Insights and Analysis

By Two Minute Reports - November 27, 2023
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Facebook Insights
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This is our latest Facebook Insights Template - specially crafted for Post Insights and Analysis. In this Report you primarily get KPI scorecards on top like the Posts likes, Reactions, Comments, Shares and everything else. Up next, you have the "Post Performance Table" - for the Top 15 posts with highest Impressions. You get to infer the Post oriented KPIs like Impressions, Likes, Reactions, comments etc.. with its post created date and the message. Similarly you have the next table "Reach Analysis" - for the Top 15 posts with highest Reach where you get to infer the different types of Reach like Post reach, Post paid reach, Post organic reach etc.. Followed by, you the "Impressions Analysis" table - for the Top 15 posts with highest Impressions where you have all different types of Impressions like Paid, organic, viral etc.. Finally, you get the "Post reaction Insights" table which gives you the total number of reactions for all the posts as well as individual posts. To get a better perspective of the Template click on use Template.

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