Facebook Ads Performance KPIs
By Two Minute Reports - November 24, 2021
Advertising (PPC)


Facebook Ads
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About the Template

This interactive dashboard helps to keep a track of your Facebook Ads click performance by analyzing: 1)Link clicks:the number of clicks on the links of your ads. 2)Posts engagements: the number of interactions people have with your ads (e.g., likes, shares, comments, etc.). 3)CTR (Link): the effectiveness of your ads: the percentage of times an ad is seen and clicked. 4)CPC (Link): on average, the cost you pay to get each click. 5)Frequency: on average, how many times do a user see your ads. It’s calculated by dividing impressions by reach. 6)CPM: on average, how much it costs to get 1000 impressions, which expresses the cost of your advertising to reach a specific audience.