Google Ads Overview
By Two Minute Reports - June 16, 2022
Advertising (PPC)


Google Ads
For use with Looker Studio
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About the Template

This is an interactive dashboard of google ads which fetches your Impressions, CPC, Clicks, Cost and Conversions using scorecards and graphs. We have 2 line graph charts for configured budget amount and cost, date wise. In the campaigns page, we have a campaign's table which consist of campaign name, timezone, Status, Advertising channel type, Impressions, Interactions, Interaction rate, Budget delivery, Conversions, Cost and a dedicated line chart for Configured budget amount. We also get a pie chart with number of clicks respect to its campaign name. Finally, we have a keywords table with currency, bidding strategies, Impressions, Interactions, interaction rate, Budget delivery, Conversions, and cost. Click on preview to check out this dashboard.