Microsoft Ads Overview
By Two Minute Reports - November 24, 2021
Advertising (PPC)


Microsoft/Bing Ads
For use with Looker Studio
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About the Template

This template gives an overall review about : 1) impression and click through rate: This section monitors the metrics such as CTR, Clicks, Impression by dynamic scorecard and time series charts. 2) Conversion rate and cost: This section montors the metrics such as Conversion, conversion rate and cost per conversion through dynamic sorecard and time series charts. 3)Cost per click: This section gives detailed information about Cpm, cpc and cost through dynamic charts and scorecards. 4) This section gives a list of top campaigns by clicks, cost, cpc, conversions. 5) Device breakdown: This section gives the breakdown of different devices based on the total number number of clicks, cost and conversions