Shopify Dashboard with Traffic and Sales report
By Two Minute Reports - October 4, 2021


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About the Template

This is an unique Dashboard which infers data for 30 days, where the date can be changed by the user dynamically . This traffic dashboard contains vital data like Top Revenue Sources like Google Facebook etc. , Gross sales, Total sales, order quantity and key metrics like refund amount , tax amount, discount amount , net sales and shipping.

  1. TOP 20 REVENUE SOURCES: This chart represents the top 20 Traffic sources with respect to their order quantity which is crucial in finding the sources like
  2. GROSS SALES CHART: This chart represents the gross sales amount on each day for the chosen date range.
  3. ORDER QUANTITY CHART: This chart represents the number of orders placed on each day for the chosen date range
  4. CART OVERVIEW PIE CHART: This pie chart represent the total , fulfilled and unfulfilled orders for the chosen date range.
  5. SALES OVERVIEW CHART: This chart represents all the vital metric data like orders, gross sales, discount, refund amount, shipping, tax and net amount for the chosen date range.
  6. TOP 20 PRODUCTS BY SALES CHART: This chart displays the Top 20 products which has the highest sales with respect to its order quantity.

This helps to keep a track on your revenue and customers on monthly basis.