Amazon Ads - Orders and Sales Analytical Report

By Two Minute Reports - July 27, 2023
Advertising (PPC)


Amazon Ads
For use with Looker Studio
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About the Template

Let me introduce you to our newly built "Amazon Ads Performance Report Template". As the name suggests, you get all the performance insights you need to monitor from your Amazon ads multiple ad accounts, but everything in a single frame. Get all your top KPIs like Total ad sales, Impressions, clicks, CTR, Amount spent etc.. as scorecards and tabular charts which also shows the performance of its previous time period. You have specific individual tables to monitor Order and Sales Performance. you also get a comparison graph for Order vs Sales Performance, followed by a campaign status table which gives you the campaign status with its bid optimization type collectively with the Amount spent for it. Finally, you get a Geo chart for countries with the top CPC. Click on preview Template to get a better perspective out of it!

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