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By Two Minute Reports - July 26, 2023
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Hey! You Need not waste anymore of your time, manually checking your LinkedIn Pages Performance. We have created the best in class "LinkedIn Pages Overall Performance Report" which fetches all the analytical data which you just need. Be your own analyst, by just using this Template. To start off, this Report has Cumulative of a month data, and daily data per month. All of these are totally customisable in date ranges. You get scorecards of the Performance KPIs like Clicks, engagements, impressions etc.. with previous date range comparison. You also get to analyse your various page views like careers, About, Jobs, Products etc.. in a time series graph. You get tabular data for Post performance, Button clicks, Page analysis and also career page clicks. These tabular data also has bars and Heatmaps for easy understanding. You also get a demographic graph which has Job function, seniority and the industries. Finally, we provide you a Follower's country geo map based on your followers and a pie chart for Company size by followers. Click on use template to get a better perspective of it.

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