Create a complete Dashboard or Report in 2 minutes without writing code or paying $1000+

Create and automate everything from a spreadsheet. No code or design skills required.



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Measure your product analytics like web traffic or App Sales through your favourite analytics sources like Google Analytics
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Track and Report the PPC AD performance of providers like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads for multiple accounts.
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Monitor and backup your important Seach Engine metrics like Keywords, Clicks, SERP ranking, FCP, FID, etc
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Get your raw data from product, operations or marketing databases to analyze and create custom reports.


The easiest way to combine your data from different sources

Smart Features

No complex Setup

You don't need a data warehouse, just a few credentials and an idea of what metrics you need to track.
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Intuitive Design

Feels natural, and easy to work with. We've spent countless hours perfecting the design so you don't have to waste another minute.
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Powerful Features

With TwoMinuteReports, you can build and automate impressive reports that empower fast, effective, data-driven decisions by measuring, tracking, and sharing your metrics and KPIs.

Go from Creation to Automate in just 3 Steps

How it Works

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Features that you Love

Powerful analytics at a fraction of the cost

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Always Live Data

Automatically refresh your data based on your recurring Schedule - Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. We automatically fetch new data and update your Google Sheets with new data so that it's always up to date.
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Report Templates (coming soon)

We are super excited about the Report Templates feature that we will be releasing soon. With one-click you will be able to create a fully professional report in a jiffy. You can also save your existing reports in your personal template library for future use with a different client.
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Reports on Autopilot

You can also send regular Email reports with the latest data to your stakeholders automatically. On top of that we support multiple report formats for your email - inline your spreadsheet inside the body of your Email or attach it as a PDF or Excel attachment.
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Priority Customer Support

We belive its important to talk to customers to better understand their needs and keep them happy. So we have a live chat and priority email support for customers of all sizes.


Connect with your favourite Data Sources

We integrate with the Top Analytics, PPC Ads, SEO and Database Data Sources. We never settle, we consistently add support for newer Integrations and add new features based on the feedback from our customers.



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What's coming

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