The Fitbit to get your Business in Shape!

I got tired of using half-baked tools, and wasting my time. So I built this.

Two Minute Reports is a Google Sheets Addon, that sends Important metrics about your startup’s progress, to your e-mail daily.

Why Measure?

In 1954, Peter Drucker wrote this famous line “What gets measured, gets managed” in his book – The Practice of Management. Let’s take a simple metric for example, the number of new users per day (NUPD). By tracking NUPD daily, you get to

  • Increase your revenue potential ( I got +20% month on month)
  • Reduce waste ( I saved 1 hour a day)
  • Plan your actions should for that week ( Makes it easy for me to take quick decisions )

That’s not all, your mind starts working on ideas for improving NUPD very subconsciously, even when you don’t think about it. You see, Startup founders know the importance of measuring their critical business metrics, but why is it so difficult to measure your business in practice? Hint: It’s not you.

In this page I’ll explain – what’s stopping startup founders from reaping the benefits of constant business monitoring, how to overcome them, while saving additional time, with almost no-extra-effort.

You don’t need to invest in additional resources

With limited resources, you always weight your priorities. For example, would you prioritise, building a dashboard/reporting system for yourself, over a new product feature that you want to build for your customers? Of course Not ! Solving customer problems would always be the first priority of any hustling founder. So, Its okay for Backend optimizations to take a back seat. Then how do you solve this paradox, without dedicating resources?

What you need is to outsource your worries to a software assistant or a plugin, or a system that

  • Doesn’t take your time away from core software development efforts
  • Works with your existing software infrastructure
  • Automates on your behalf – saves you time
  • Keeps your data safe, with you
  • Helps you prioritise
  • Doesn’t interfere, but enhances your productivity
  • Adapts to your complex backend technologies

You don’t need to spend additional time

As a business owner, I save 1 hour a day, by simply automating my routine reports. And in less than a couple of minutes you can do it too, by using the right tools. What’s the Return on Investment(ROI) on the time saved? – nothing shy of 1000X in the long term. That is true – but why should you care?

Tracking business metrics is important but it should not be at the cost of your valuable time. You need the free time to think about creative ideas and disruptive solutions for your business and life in general.


Working on a Dream is hard, but the journey is enjoyable, fun and filled with energy and passion. But unknowingly, it sucks precious time during the most important times of our lives. Who am I to preach, you ask? I have been there, I run software businesses of my own. It was when I started hustling for my first online business, my wife Jo yearned for more time with me, I told her and myself, “If I worked a little harder now, I’ll be free soon”. However I never got to be free, I was left with no time for my family, hobbies and friends.

Now things are different for me – I feel am in more control of my business than I ever was, I take decisions quickly, I get time to be creative, business is printing money even when am away – as I have automated the important parts and more importantly have more time for the people and things that I care about.

This transformation has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and can open the same for you too. Take a step back and just Imagine, Imagine how it would feel to have the extra free time! Remember, freedom comes from doing what you want, how you want and when you want it.

Dashboards don’t fit in

Data Dashboards are great, when you can have someone sit in front of the computer 24×7, monitoring the spikes up and down. There is a better way to keep track of metrics. Instead of you sitting in front of the computer monitoring a dashboard, let the dashboards come to you.

To do this, you can setup tools to push the reports to your mobile at predetermined schedules. This is much better than, expecting to come across an insight, when stumbling upon the dashboard randomly once a week or so. Also, dashboards get ignored to the sidelines after first few days of usage.

Unlike a regular dashboard, with email/slack based mobile reports, you get forced to look at the metrics, and monitor your business regularly. You see, this slight change in how you get to see your data makes a lot of difference between being consistent with business data tracking/management or not.

Introducing, Two Minute Reports !

After many years of being a founder, I needed to really start measuring my business, I searched for the tools I needed in the internet. There was none that met my needs. Most tools are too complex to setup, or it worked only with stripe, or required additional time (I don’t have extra time for another tool), or their email reports were ugly, etc. So, I built a small tool to cater to my own needs for running the business. This tool has evolved to become the center of my business Today. This is what I would like to share with you – Two Minute Reports.

Don’t let tracking your Startup Metrics to chance. Create a schedule and let the Metrics reach you, like your daily morning news, on time. Two Minute Reports (TMR) is an addon for Google Sheets, that takes data from your complex Backend systems, and pings you regularly with beautiful reports on your mobile email and slack(soon).

Works within Google Sheets

As it runs entirely withing Google Sheets, there is no new software to install on your computer.

Peace of Mind

The interface is so simple to use and friendly that you wont feel like you are doing any work. And it works inside your Google Sheets, no new software to setup. However you need to have some technical knowledge on SQL to query your databases. Once you are happy with a report that you have made, automate it so that you don’t have to open Google Sheets again.

Reports come to you

The reports get sent to your mobile on Email and Slack(soon). You don’t even have to click on any attachment, just by opening the TMR email on your mobile, you could see an overview of your entire business.


TMR works inside Google Sheets, so you don’t have to worry about data security. As, all your data gets saved in your Google Account and nothing leaves Google’s servers. As you know, Google is a pioneer on data security.

Connect your custom backend systems

You can pull in data from your MySQL, MongoDB, databases to start with. We will be adding newer data sources like Google Analytics, Big Query, or the one that you are using based on your feedback. (if you sign up now, you get lifetime access to all future updates and new data integrations)

measure & improve your business

Measure twice and cut once. Improve your business, by knowing important metrics to track and manage. We help you identify the right metrics for your business based on the stage of your startup. This method helps you take better decision quickly.

APP Screenshots

Early Access – Join the limited wait list

We plan to charge users $30 a month or $350 a year for their subscription of Two Minute Reports for Google Sheets.

But for you, our early beta users, we’re charging a one time fee of $50 for a lifetime access to our tool, which includes all future updates and new features. This is open only for the first 100 sign ups here. You can check the button below to see if you have an open slot for the wait list. If you have booked a confirmed slot, you won’t need to pay anything extra after this, you would be automatically upgraded to the most premium of our plans on offer – forever! During the wait list period, you will get updates on the progress of TMR and will get access to TMR within a month from now.

And if you are unhappy with Two Minute Reports, just tell us and we’ll send you a courteous and prompt refund. No questions asked.

Talk soon and good luck,
– Paul Jebasingh E

One More thing

By signing up now, you get to be part of an Exclusive community of founders (in slack) who are active in growing their Startups.

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